Up-to-date listings are far more appealing!

Other agent’s listings – are they still available?

The green status bar, under each property on the search results page, shows how many weeks since the listing was last confirmed as available. If a property has not been recently updated, use the [Check Availability] button. The [Check Availability] button is only available for properties that have not been updated within the last 4 weeks.

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How can I check if a property is still on the market?
How do I answer a Property Update request?


    • First send the most up-to-date listings to your clients: use the [Sort by] drop-down menu to order the listings by the “Most recently updated”.
    • Use the [Check Availability] button on older interesting listings to create a follow-up list of properties for your clients

    Your listings

    Give your listings a better chance of being sent to other Network agents’ clients by updating them regularly.

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