We have launched Version 5 of our Web API, this version now allows you to control the content on your website directly from the system by creating filters.

What filters can I directly apply to my website?

You can filter on the following criteria:

  • Sale or Rental properties
  • Price range
  • Type of property
  • Properties from: all agents, your own listings, or preferred agencies
  • Urbanisation
  • Location

How can I access the filtering functions?

  • Click [Properties] on your system menu.
  • Click the [API] sub-menu icon.
  • Click [API Filters].


Note, that the filtering function will only apply if you are using Web API Ver. 5 on your website – check with your web developer which version you are using and request that they upgrade you to Ver. 5 if necessary.

My website is populated via XML or iFrame, how can I change to Web API Ver. 5?

Speak to your web developer about making the change, and ask them to contact us if they need technical assistance or advice. Full documentation is available here for your web developer:

WebAPI V5 – Full Documentation for Web Developers

Posted by ReSales Online