How social media can help promote your property!

If you are trying to sell or promote real estate via an online property portal the importance of social media marketing and networking activity is vital. The power of the Internet can be so easily harnessed to bring any product or service to the attention of thousands – with just a simple click of your mouse.

When it comes to social media the simple fact is that we can no longer afford not to utilise the marketing capabilities of a platform like Facebook which receives a remarkable 1 billion plus visitors a month. Other popular networking sites like Twitter and Tumblr are also recording incredible user statistics and a property effectively marketed via a small network of these websites will be viewed by many.

By undertaking simple and efficient networking activity on social media you will be able to reach a greater number of potential buyers than you would use any other advertising method.

A single ‘like’ goes a long way

It may feel like dipping a toe into a huge ocean but a single ‘like’ on a post or page will help broadcast your property to literally hundreds, often thousands, of potential buyers. As your immediate network can connect with the network of every person in your online community, and onwards, the ability to get your property in front of an interested party increases dramatically every time you or someone else clicks on the ‘like’ button.

Professional property portals give an extra boost

When you use a professional property portal to market your house, villa or apartment, the portal will have been created so that important and relevant details about the property can be included with each property listing. All real estate marketed online will be promoted using images and important specifics that obviously need to include location, number of bedrooms and size of the garden etc. Each and every piece of information relating to the property can be used to assist in its marketing scope and to increase the likelihood of it appearing early in an online search. A smart property portal has the ability to include additional information relating to your property, such as local amenities and driving times, that will importantly increase promotional and searchability factors.

Sharing and commenting – make a little commotion!

Whenever and wherever your property is advertised online be sure to undertake some ‘liking, sharing and commenting’ on each post. It only takes a few moments and this small and seemingly insignificant marketing activity can build into something very worthwhile.

Make whatever networking noise you can!

Like: click on the ‘like’ button under the listing of your property and other people in your network will see this activity and will take note of the property post.

Share: click on the ‘share’ button under the property post and choose the option that will share your property with the most amount of people.

Comment: take time to write a short comment on your property that will help attract attention to the listing or increase its searchability power online. One ‘like’ may only be the smallest of ripples in a pond but it can go on to become a promotional wave of great benefit.

So what’s not to like? start liking and sharing your property right now.


Posted by ReSales Online