We have released a New Version of the System. The changes are outlined below.

Photo Selector for printing/emailing Window Cards
When sending any property from the database to your clients you can now choose which photos you wish to send.  Simply prepare your print list and click the edit icon to exclude any photos on your window card/email.  

Click on the link below for instructions on how select photos on window cards or emails;
How can I decide which photos to print on my window cards or emails to clients? 

3 New Window Card/Email Formats
The new formats can be found at the top of the Email and Window Card Formats page.  These formats include the new m2 Usable Interior Space field.

  • Email Format 6  contains all property details and all photos.  For best results, send in HTML format.
  • Window Card Format 39  A4 landscape-style 1 page window card with 2 panoramic photos and full description.
  • Window Card Format 40  A4 portrait-style 1 page window card with 1 panoramic photo and 1 standard ratio photo and full description

Property Details  New Field Added 
  • By popular request we have added a new field to the property details page  m2 of Usable Interior Space (m2 Útiles).
  • Displaying the usable interior space is a Decree 218 requirement on your office window displays.  Having said that, the m2 útiles should be available on the property Title Deed or Nota Simple, but sometimes it is nowhere to be found!  To remedy this, if you do not have the measurement, the system will automatically calculate a measurement that is 15% less than the Built Size that you have entered.  
  • This field is only available on the 3 new window card/email formats mentioned above.
Property Energy Rating  In Process

When sending a property to a client, if the listing agent has not uploaded the energy rating to the property, the energy rating logo overlay on the window card will show In Process”.  

System Security and Performance
  • Images have been moved to Amazon Cloud for improved delivery performance.
  • All connections to the system now go exclusively through HTTPS for additional security.
New Self-Help Tutorials
 The 4 most recently added self-help tutorials are:
  • Overview of the Home Page and system Navigation Menu
  • How to Add a Property
  • Reset a User Account Password Via the System
  • Permanently Delete a User Account

  • To view a tutorial, click the blue ‘Tutorials’ button on the left-hand system menu and either search through the list of topics, or type in the name of the tutorial you are looking for

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