The shared database is for direct listings only, meaning that you must have a listing or rental agreement between your agency and the property owner.

Listings obtained via other agents or 3rd party listing companies cannot be listed on the Shared database as this contravenes our Terms and Conditions for use of the system.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t upload a 3rd party listing to the system, but you must set it to Not Shared. Your “not shared” properties will still be available to your staff to present to clients and can also be available on your own website.

Adhering to this rule ensures a level of transparency that is much requested by our member agents, so please check your listings to be sure they have the correct sharing status: Shared if they are a direct listing with the property owner and Not Shared if not direct. Agents that repeatedly break this rule can face exclusion from the Network.

Posted by ReSales Online