What would we do without email these days, when did you last post a letter? A while ago I am sure, though as much as emailing has streamlined our communications with our clients, friends, etc, often it is the bane of our lives!

Did my client receive the window card I sent him, or did it go directly to his Spam Folder? Frustrating, right? Let’s break it down.

How are my emails sent from the system?

The way your emails are sent from the ReSales-Online system depends on your Email Preference setting on your account, click here to see how to check your current settings. Basically, you will either be sending via OUR email server or via your own email server.

Which is the best option for sending my emails from the system?

Sending via your own email server is the BEST choice.
It will hugely improve your email delivery rate.

If you are currently sending through our email server.

  • The ReSales-Online system sends millions of emails daily (profile matches, window cards, system notifications, AMS messages, etc, etc) and the result of this high volume is that a proportion of the emails you send to your clients will end up in Spam folders.
  • High volume of email = extra vigilance by the “more clever each day” spam filters used by email software.
  • Having your clients white-list our domain http://resales-online.com/ can help a little, but there is still a high risk of emails not arriving.

What does email delivery rate mean?

Simple explanation:

  • Low volume of email traffic = a better chance your email will get where it is going.
  • High volume of email traffic = a greater probability that it might not get where it is going.

Technical explanation:

  • Email delivery rate is the percentage of emails that are received by the gateway servers of your subscribers’ internet service providers (ISPs) and not returned as a hard or soft bounce. A hard bounce occurs because an email address is invalid, a domain doesn’t exist, or your internet protocol (IP) is being blocked. With a soft bounce, the email address may be valid, but the email is returned because of a full mailbox or a down server.


…. for improving your email’s delivery rate.

  • Set your system Email Preferences to send your emails from your email server, click here to see how. Sorry, but yes this point is worth repeating!
  • Send window cards using the HTML format. The window card will be included as part of the body of the email instead of an attachment (PDF).
  • Write a longer message to accompany your window cards. Text/Image ratio can affect delivery rate, this means that if your email contains many pictures and not a lot of text it can end up being flagged as Spam (by most email spam filters). So writing some text in the email content will help the delivery rate.

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