Keep track of your property keys by registering them in the system. See instantly if certain keys are booked in or out and who has them.

Hover the mouse over [Booked Out] and a pop up will tell you:

  • Name and tel number of the person who booked the keys out;
  • when the keys were booked out; and
  • the address of the property.

Alternatively, the key status could also display as “In Office” or “Vendor” if the vendor is holding the keys.

Can I see a list of all my property keys?

Yes, you can.

  1. Click [Summaries] on the system menu
  2. Click [Keys]
  3. Use the drop-down lists to filter, or type in a specific key reference
  4. Click [View]
  5. Hover the mouse over a reference number to see the address.

Posted by ReSales Online