For a place that already offers residents a multitude of perfect facets relating to lifestyle and amenities, it is
impressive to see that Marbella’s authorities are committed to ongoing works to enhance the town’s infrastructure. As tourism is an essential part of the region’s economy it is also a smart idea for Marbella’s
town hall to consider the upkeep and improvement of landmarks and the landscape that keeps foreign visitors returning to the resort.
Funding provided by the local council, the Spanish government, and the European Union is being applied to initiatives in and around Marbella that will provide additional facilities and finance the regeneration of public spaces. These urban and coastal developments are not only aesthetically pleasing but they will provide cultural and environmental benefits to the community.
The Golden Mile, the highway that joins Marbella with the marina of Puerto Banus, has never been a dreary or depressing road. Considered as one of the best residential addresses in southern Europe, the area is a
green thoroughfare that frames luxury property and cosmopolitan parades of designer shops, art galleries, and cafes. Now the famous avenue is host to one of three beautiful vertical gardens that are being installed in certain areas around town.
This eco-friendly project is a bright idea to aesthetically improve previously grey structures in Marbella at certain junctions, by replacing advertising hoardings and covering concrete with plants and flowers. Three
prominent locations are being transformed into gorgeous gardens in the air, including the bridge next to the
Puente Romano Hotel that crosses above the Golden Mile.
The other two perpendicular floral displays are being erected near Avenida Cánovas del Castillo in the centre of Marbella, and the entrance to the road tunnel under the Avenida del Mar.near the historic old
Down by the seafront, and surrounding Marbella’s lighthouse, is a development that will regenerate land to provide a centre for cultural and tourism purposes. Alongside a fantastic idea to create an outdoor exhibition venue are plans to build a marine museum and relaxing gardens replete with waterfalls, pergolas and seating areas.

Marbella is also a happy mecca for sports and the area consistently draws new residents and tourists who appreciate many activities here, including hiking in the rural countryside and walking the picturesque Senda Litoral: the Málaga Coastal Path. Watersports are able to take full advantage of every lovely beach and cove on the Costa del Sol and there are a variety of business operators providing activities here from jet skiing to paddle boarding.
Kitesurfing is one of the increasingly most popular sports in the region and participants can access classes or equipment at several places, including the Marbella Kite Club. Local authorities have recently agreed in principle with the club, to organise a designated area for the sport on the beach at Los Monteros, for surfers of all levels to pursue the activity. The intended plans include building wooden walkways in the zone and erecting showers, drying racks and helpful signage to provide information about safety and the weather.
As the local council continues to take care of the health, happiness and well being of the town and its
inhabitants, Marbella is understandably continuing to attract visitors and potential buyers searching for a new home in Spain

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